Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Girls Rock!

The 6th grade Girls Together group ended their year with a celebration!  The girls spent Wednesdays learning more about themselves, building interpersonal skills, laughing, and helping each other to navigate the first year of middle school. The girls did a fabulous job.  These girls rock! 

Exactly Where is That Donkey?

Some fun from Games Grandmother Played, part of the Stupendous Saturdays series. 




Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ladies of Many Hats

There is something about wearing an elegant hat that makes one stand a little taller and move with greater grace. On Saturday, May 9, area women gathered at the YWCA to celebrate the elegance of hats! Cynthia Lundeen, a Cleveland area millner just back from attending the Kentucky Derby, presented a fascinating program on the art of hat wearing followed by a hat show featuring her beautiful and finely handmade designs. Several audience members served as models. During her presentation, Ms. Lundeen shared that she learned the basics of her craft as a child when she learned to sew at her local YWCA.

Co-chairs Cindy King and Judy Phillips along with Elaine Miller displayed their personal collections. Handcrafted items were available for sale in the marketplace. Enough chit chat here are the hats...

Girls Together hosted by Mount Union College Class

Mount Union College professor, Dr. Sarah Torok, and her gender studies class worked throughout the semester with the YWCA Girls Together group at the Alliance Middle School. On April 30th, the 6th and 7th graders traveled to campus to learn more about the college experience, enjoy a tour, participate in team building activities, and enjoy a pizza dinner hosted by the MUC students, with assistance from the MUC Student Senate and Service Learning Department.
A middle schooler holds the question ball during an activity. Mount students used the questions to facilitate a dialogue on college life and availability.

One of the teams composed of college and middle school students test their 4 point race strategy prior to the race.

Cheryl Paine receives 2009 Fullmer Volunteer Leadership Award

Board President Chery Paine addresses the crowd at the Annual Meeting shortly after learning that she was selected as the 2009 recipient.  During her term on the Board, Cheryl chaired several new initiatives including the Fiber Fest, Pink Tulip Bulb Project (Breast Cancer Awareness), new marketing plan, and this website. Congratulations Cheryl and thanks for enriching the lives of women and our Association!