Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ladies of Many Hats

There is something about wearing an elegant hat that makes one stand a little taller and move with greater grace. On Saturday, May 9, area women gathered at the YWCA to celebrate the elegance of hats! Cynthia Lundeen, a Cleveland area millner just back from attending the Kentucky Derby, presented a fascinating program on the art of hat wearing followed by a hat show featuring her beautiful and finely handmade designs. Several audience members served as models. During her presentation, Ms. Lundeen shared that she learned the basics of her craft as a child when she learned to sew at her local YWCA.

Co-chairs Cindy King and Judy Phillips along with Elaine Miller displayed their personal collections. Handcrafted items were available for sale in the marketplace. Enough chit chat here are the hats...

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