Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Alert from Randi Carmen Schmidt , Senior Policy Analyst for Economic Policy , YWCA USA
SIGN ON LETTER FOR Local, State and National Organizations

States across the country are confronting massive budget shortfalls. At the federal level, lawmakers are facing a ballooning deficit that must be addressed. These economic pressures are already resulting in cuts to critical programs that help YWCA clients, and will continue to force lawmakers to make hard choices on budget and tax policies.
We face serious economic challenges that cannot be solved simply by cutting programs to save money. We believe that when elected officials are considering ways to cut costs, there should be more options on the menu than cutting or ending programs that help the most vulnerable among us. Our country should not sacrifice the poor and disadvantaged due to an economic crisis that they had little to do with creating.

Recently, a new topic has been coming up in budget discussions at the state and federal level – taxes. More and more, lawmakers and advocates are discussing the importance of using taxes to raise the revenue necessary to fund government services and programs.
Members of Congress have told advocates that they are not hearing from constituents about tax policy options, including support for raising much-needed tax revenue. Please sign a statement to let Congress and the administration know you support fair, equitable budget and tax policies that ask for shared sacrifice from everyone, not just the most vulnerable among us. Deadline: Friday, July 3, 2009.

For more background on this issue and the sign-on letter please click here.

Although Randi’s Alert is geared to organizations, individuals can express their views by contacting their representatives.

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