Saturday, August 29, 2009

YWCA at the Farmer's Market

YWCA President Cindy King selling Apple Dumplings at today's Farmer's Market.

Friday, August 28, 2009

This Year the Golf is Golden!

The Carnation Festival and Tannenhauf Golf Club turned 50 this year and co-chairs Barb Armitage and Leigh Mainwaring seized the opportunity to have fun and to raise much needed funds for two YWCA youth programs - Between Kids and Nutri-Kids. Barb and Leigh honored scramble founder, Judy Tolerton who was on hand to play in this year's tournament.

There were several new twists to the annual event including some new golf skill games (where all participants received a sleeve of balls), a roaming beverage cart, a change in the menu (although Trudy's delicious brownies returned) and men! Topping the fun list was the return of the Three Blind Mice Game, where blindfolded golfers are spun around and then attempt to sink a putt! Its as hard as it sounds even with the verbal assistance of a team member. Still this year's winner came within a foot of the hole.

Thanks to our sponsors, Tannenhauf, the golfers, local businesses, and the YWCA Board, members, and staff who provide the proximity prizes.

How do you spell "success"?

A-B-C FOR KIDS! Board member and project chair, Karen Locke (center), and Board members (Elaine Miller, Barb Brown, & Gwen Dunagen) prepare to distribute vouchers to assist over 310 area children to secure the tools they need for a successful school year. Thanks to all the individuals, churches, and organizations who assisted with their kind donations. A special thanks to The Greater Alliance Foundation who is a major sponsor of the project.

The Apple Dumpling Gang

Board member and event chair, Lesa Felger, and her husband, Chris, and daughter, Paige, make a great team! Lesa's family showed up to help her with sales. In addition, Chris worked behind the scenes replacing the trailer's floor and painting the exterior white with a red stripe. He even made us a YWCA license plate! While Paige helped her mom, who coordinated the event, clean and prepare the trailer for the four days in the park.

We brought back to the YW a few dozen dumplings, which were immediately frozen to preserve their freshness. So if you are longing for just one more taste of Carnation Days, look for President Cindy at the Farmer's Market.

Thanks to Lesa and her family, President Cindy King, "The Apple Dumpling Gang", Rose's Hillcrest Market, and the the YWCA crew for a another delicious year.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vote for YWCA

The Allstate Foundation has selected the YWCA as one of four organizations to compete for a $100,000 grant during a campaign, entitled "Your Choice to Empower". The prize will provide financial empowerment to victims of domestic violence served by YWCAs. Consider voting for the YWCA each day at through September 13.